08-31-THURSDAY NIGHT WEATHER: Nice Into Saturday, Then Showers Return

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OVERNIGHT:  Mostly clear and becoming a little cooler….Low temperatures will range from 62-65 in rural areas to 67-70 in the bigger cities….Winds North 0-5 mph.

DURING THE DAY FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny and very warm by afternoon…High 89…Winds WNW 5 mph.

FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL WEATHER: Clear with kickoff temperatures near 85, cooling to near 75 by the end fo the games….Winds nearly calm.

FRIDAY OVERNIGHT:  Clear and pleasant…Lows: 66-71.

SATURDAY:  Sunshine followed by increasing clouds, warm and more humid…Low 69,  High 90…Winds Variable 5 mph.

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with a decent chance (40%) of a few showers and thunderstorms…Temperatures:  Low 70,  High 87…Winds SE 5 mph, but with briefly gusty near thunderstorms.

LABOR DAY:  Variable clouds….Slight chance (20%) for a shower.  Temperatures:  Low 71,  High 85..Winds East 5 mph.

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy with a better chance (40%) for a brief period of showers and thunderstorms…Temperatures:  Low 71,  High 87…Winds South, becoming North 15 mph.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny, windy and cooler…Lows 65-69,  Highs 81-85….Winds North 15 mph.

THURSDAY:  Sunny and continued cool…Lows 59-64…Highs 81-85. Winds NE 10 mph.

Scott Chesner

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