Texans expected to set record for summer electricity usage


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says, this summer, the lone star state may use more energy than is currently available.

According to their report, the state has a reserve margin of 9 percent, but is expected to need about fourteen.

Texas and California are the only two states in the United States that are expected to have a demand higher than their reserves.

Charles Hill, the regional customer operations manager for Oncor Electric Delivery, says this is an issue Texas has faced before, and there are several ways to prepare for it.

Hill says the state has back-up plants that can be turned on in a crisis, and certain companies have agreements with the state to turn off their energy usage so that it can go back into the grid.

Besides state preparations, Hill says there are certain things residents can do to help lower demand as well.

Turning off pool pumps from 4 to 7 p.m., raising your AC by a few degrees and turning lights off when they’re not in use are a few examples Hill gives.

If the state does hit their energy limit, it would effect customers.

“In the worst-case scenario,” Hill said, “they would ask companies like Oncor to do what we call ‘rolling outages.’ We would take a block of customers offline for 15-20 minutes and then we’d move on and bring them back on and move on and move to another group.”

Oncor as well as other energy suppliers say they feel prepared for upcoming crunches.

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