Police investigating after Carlisle ISD learns of student’s “hit list”


CARLISLE, Texas (KETK) A student has been removed from the campus of Carlisle ISD after an alleged “hit list” was brought to the attention of school officials.

According to Superintendent Mike Payne, the district was made aware of the information Monday night.

“I’ve got a hit list, and if yall keep making me angry, you’re not going to like it,” says Superintendent Payne, as he describes the threat that was made.

Law enforcement was immediately contacted and the freshman male student was questioned.

“Whenever you mention shoot, hit list, in the same terms in school business, it’s considered a threat,” explains Payne.

They encourage parents to have a conversation with your children and encourage them to report anything suspicious that they see or hear concerning school safety.

“That’s the great thing about not only just Carlisle but most schools, in general, feel that way. We’re dealing with the most precious commodity anyone has,” says Payne.

School officials say they were notified of the threat after a classmate posted on an app, called “STOP IT”, where students can post anonymous tips for officials to see.

After school officials completed their investigation, the student received disciplinary action and was removed from the campus.

“It comes down to relationships, and the better the relationship you can have with these kiddos, then the safer they’re going to be.”

KETK has also learned the student had siblings who attend the school as well.

Carlisle ISD wants to ensure parents that they will not tolerate this kind of behavior or actions.

Parents tell FOX 51, just last year something similar happened.

“Last year it went out of proportion, they finally reached out, our school was on lockdown,” says Crystal Martin.

Martin has two students in Junior High, and with this being the second school threat in two years, she’s looking to make a drastic change.

“I mean my passion is my kid’s safety and my kids come first. I mean I’m almost thinking about taking my kids out of the school district and moving them to another one for their safety,” explains Martin.

With the safety of students being on everyone’s mind, many are happy no one was hurt.

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