NEAL BARTON’S POV: What has changed is us, not guns


It’s happened again.

Another mass shooting and within minutes the politicization began.

If for one minute I thought grabbing guns would strop killing, I’d throw mine in the river. But it won’t.

It’s not about guns and it never has been.

I grew up in the ’60s and we were fighting about guns then. In the ’70s I used to bring a shotgun to high school because we’d go shooting after school. No one cared.

What has changed is us, not the availability of guns. You have a generation of young people, mainly boys, who knows no accountability.

We are a generation ice cream lickers, potato urinators. We’re stars on our YouTube channel no one watches. Give me clicks and likes. Look at a cool life I manufacture on social media.

Except I have no friends and hate my life. Then the problems start.

We’ve poo poo’d religion. There is no faith in anything except us. Without a family foundation and faith bedrock all we have to depend on is us.

It’s not enough. And anger comes. It has to go somewhere. Throw in some psychotropic drugs and rinse and repeat. And we seems surprised.

That’s my point of view what’s yours? You can email me at or Facebook me at KETK Neal Barton.

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