License to carry class in Longview teaches students about gun safety


LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – The Longview Concealed Handgun Licensing and Training group is offering license to carry classes throughout the fall.

“Some states you don’t have to do a license,” said Alex Azar, the program instructor. “I know it sounds bias because I’m an instructor, but the education and the training is way more important than anything else,”

The class is $100 a person, and students should bring their own hand gun, ear and eye protection and 50 rounds of ammo.

Azar offers classes on weekend and weeknights that include hours of instruction about current laws and safety practices.

“You’ll learn how to properly store your fire arm, how to properly use it and hold it, how to keep it away from children, and how to keep it away from unwanted hands which could be adults also,” said Azar.

After students 20 years and older pass a 20 question written test, they travel to the East Texas Rifle and Pistol Club for the shooting proficiency test.

That test includes 50 rounds total shot at three different distances (3, 7 and 12 yards).

“A lot of times people look at the bulls-eye and they think I have to get this,” said Azar. “No you don’t. A lot of times you can hit this center area and be just fine.”

After completing the license class, Azar recommends continuing your training with private lessons, or by joining a shooting club to increase your confidence and accuracy.

More information on the license to carry classes can be found here.

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