HIGHWAY HAZARDS: Juveniles facing charges after throwing rocks, damaging 14 cars on Hwy 31



Broken windshields and car windows are just some of the danger lurking on Highway 31 West.

Authorities say three teens have been throwing rocks at cars. It happened just inside Henderson County in the Cresent Heights Area.

Now, drivers are demanding justice for the nearly 20 thousand dollars worth of damage.

We are all used to looking out for the dangers of driving, but no one is ready for thrown rocks.

“I didn’t know what it was and when I turned and looked at my husband and said what was…and then a second one hit my car,” says Susan Swindle, just one of the many drivers whose car was damaged.

She isn’t the only one, 14 cars and nearly 18 thousand dollars in damage.

“We have to pay our deductibles, some of them are 500, some are a thousand dollars. Who has that kind of money just lying around?” explains Swindle.

Swindle explained she just got her car 2 years ago, and it’s almost paid off. Now, she has to dig down deep in the wallet because a few teens were having fun.

“We hold parents responsible when their children don’t go to school, they can get in trouble for truancy, but whose responsible for this?” says Swindle.

Rocks like this may seem small but they can cause massive damage, especially when thrown. Because they might not land on the ground. Instead of someone’s car causing damage, and possibly a life.

“They can go off the roadway, flip the vehicle, kids could get run over, it just can be a very bad deal,” explains Sherriff Botie Hillhouse, Henderson County Sheriff.

Sheriff Hillhouse says luckily no one was injured, this time.

“Just always be alert, always be aware of your surroundings but alert when you’re driving your vehicles,” warns Sheriff Hillhouse.

Sheriff Hillhouse says three juveniles are facing pending criminal charges for this crime.

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