JOINED FORCES: Vietnam War Veterans start small business in Canton after reuniting last year

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CANTON, Texas (KETK) – Over the past year, we’ve been following two Vietnam War Veterans as they reunited after more than five decades.

KETK News met up with them as they prepare for a new adventure.

Their story began during war time where William Hennessy and Wayne Ochadleus served in the U.S. Army Air Cavalry, Fireball Aviation, the 119th Light Infantry Brigade.

“We were just kids, you know, our pilots were kids,” said Hennessey.

“It was just a friendship right off the bat, I would die for him, he would die for me,” said Ochadleus.

We were there back in 2018, when the moment happened that would change the lives of the two Vietnam War Veterans.

That moment was when Hennessey and Ochadleus reunited after 50 years.

Theirs is a bond forged in war, it came full circle that day, and it hasn’t stopped.

In fact, Ochadleus has since sold his home up north.

“Brought him down here, because he was in pretty poor health and his family situation in Michigan was pretty poor and so I just packed him up and brought him back with me,” said Hennessey.

Hennessey was a bench jeweler for many years after he left the service, so it was a no-brainer for the men when a spot opened up at ‘The Mountain’ in Canton.

“We had toyed with doing something in Canton and I have so many things leftover from my years of collecting stones,” said Hennessey.

The men are one week away from opening their own silversmith shop.

“So I do repairs, sizing, make up stuff, you know,” said Hennessey.

And starting Black Friday, they will be open for business.

You can catch Hennessey creating pieces and Ochadleus will be holding down the fort.

“He’s the boss,” joked Ochadleus.

For the battle buddies, it’s a rare chance to live out a take two in real life.

“I’ve been laying up for 10 years and I feel a lot better now, I got my health back in shape and it’s a new beginning, it’s a new life for me,” said Ochadleus.

So, if you want to support Hennessey and Ochadleus, and come and see some of their amazing creations, they’re in suite 2 at The Mountain.

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