Some area teams to don “Unity & Equality” helmet stickers


KETK – When the high school football season kicks off in a little less than two months, eight East Texas teams will be wearing a sticker in the back of their helmet looking to advocate unity and equality.

Former Oklahoma state running back Greg Gold, founder of AU Concepts and Designs, who is also the brother of Whitehouse head coach Marcus Gold, designed the icon that will be worn by every school in district 9-5A Division 2.

Those schools are Hallsville, Jacksonville, Pine Tree, Marshall, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Texas High, and the DUB.

In explaining the image, Gold says:

“This design isn’t a representation of different skin color and/or differences. This design was put together to recognize that while we have different backgrounds, come from different cultures, speak different languages and have different religious beliefs, we are all equal and we all share this earth together. Unity is inevitable for a peaceful and brighter future.”

Greg Gold, AU Concepts & Designs

Mavericks Coach Jake Griedl talks about why the teams in their district have decided to display it in every one of their contests.

“Give our players a voice. You know I think a lot of times, you know people see professional athletes as having a really strong platform,” said Griedl.

“But a lot of times, you know, in our East Texas small communities the most influential people that are there are our high school athletes. And so for them to have a voice, and be a part of something bigger by just putting a little icon in the back of our helmet, a little sticker in the back of our helmets just kind of shows that you know, we’re all in this together, and that we’re playing for something bigger than ourselves,” Griedl explained.

Griedl adds that he’s already received some very positive feedback from a number of his players.

Watch the video to see the story.

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