Schools resume summer workouts with new mandatory face mask policy

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JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) – On Monday, many schools across East Texas resumed summer workout programs and enforced the UIL’s newest mask-wearing policy.

Jacksonville High School football returned to practice after a brief hiatus. Athletic Director Wayne Coleman said his athletes’ safety is always a top priority.

The team continues to enforce social distancing both on and off the field. 

“On the field, we’re trying to make sure they’re running your routes and you’ve got your receiver lines, normally you would have your students back to back and stacked up, getting ready to take their turn. We’re trying to space the kids out and give them more room.” 

Jacksonville Athletic Director, Wayne Colemam

Although unprecedented times for student-athletes, Coach Coleman says his athletes remain positive. 

“They’re adapting to whatever changes we throw at them,” said Coleman. 

Coleman said workout routines in the weight room have also changed so only one student can train at a lifting station. If there needs to be a spotter, they must wear a face mask.

“You’re used to having two, three, four kids there with multiple spotters. Now we’re spacing them out and giving them more room in the weight room. Just at a weight rack itself, if you put one kid at a rack and the other kid at a rack, we can create 6 to 10 feet of social distancing,” said Coleman.

The UIL’s recommendations said students can engage in drills that involve one or more students on both offensive and defensive sides as of Monday. Students can also access locker rooms, but Coleman said he will continue to keep the locker rooms shut for the safety of his students.

He said that student-athletes can count on a safe place to interact and practice under careful supervision

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