Gladewater is focused on the future, and it appears to be bright


Bears look to build on impressive turnaround 2018 season

GLADEWATER, Texas (KETK) — The point of having a short-term memory in football is to not only forget about the positives, like going 11-2 in 2018, you also have to let the negatives go as well.

“The season before that we went 2-8 I think, and then we had to forget about that, and show everybody that Gladewater is not what they thought it was,” said running back Eligia Carter.

“We also have to realize, that it’s a new year, and what happened last year doesn’t affect what happens this year,” said corner Tristan Holmes. “We have to keep on building to keep our teamwork and perseverance to go through this season.”

“We’re back to square one, all be it with some experienced players coming back, we still are starting at square one,” said head coach John Berry.

But it doesn’t hurt when square one just so happens to have one of the best running backs in the area in the backfield.

And although there is a theme of forgetting the past, just remember, Carter was a sophomore last season.

“Playmakers, obviously are the things that rise in those big points in the game and get you through big games in the season, and so we’re really happy we have some playmakers back for sure,” said Berry.

“We go on a ten-play drive, you probably going to get the ball like seven of the plays, it’s great,” said Carter.

But while Carter, as well as Holmes, are back, the Bears did lose quite a few seniors.

“As you grow you have to step up, and lead the younger guys,” said Holmes.

Week to week, and practice to practice, Gladewater plans to keep looking toward the task in from of them.

If they keep that up, then their short-term memories could turn into a season, they will never forget.

“It’s the type of football people in Gladewater have expected to have success with in the past, and they are seeing it again,” said Berry.

The Bears open the season at Jack V. Murphy Stadium on August 30th, where they will host the Spring Hill Panthers.

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