Rusk Eagles looking to build on last season’s district title

Friday Football Fever

Rusk opens the season at home against Fairfield on August 30th

RUSK, Texas (KETK) — In 2018, the Rusk Eagles started the season 0-6, but in league play, they bounced back, and were crowned district champions.

“I told them, you remember the feeling of when it doesn’t feel so good, and you remember those feelings of when it feels great,” said head coach Jowell Hancock. “Focus on the good and build on it.”

“It wasn’t about the start, it was about the finish,” said safety Sean Rogers.

Finish, it’s a mantra around these parts, especially after so many on the outside, doubted they could make a postseason push.

“Just overcome adversity, you got to be able to finish no matter how hard the game is how tired you are,” said lineman Nick Acker. “Coach Hancock is always telling us you got to just fight through it.”

“I heard some things they said about, not enough athletes, we don’t have this, we don’t have that,” said Hancock. “We’re going to focus on what we got, we got kids who want to be here. We don’t have a lot of them, you know, because it’s a tough game, it takes tough people to be out here 95 and a heat advisory. But the ones we got, they’re good kids, they’re tough and they love what they’re doing.”

But while they go over techniques and strategy, it’s those intangibles, which are sinking into this eagles program.

“They can’t coach effort, they have to get it out of us, and we should be giving all of what we’ve got and that will make us a better team,” said Acker.

“Going to be aggressive and physical, got to hit some people,” said Rogers.

Rusk will host Fairfield on August 30th, looking to start 2019, the way they finished, one season ago.

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