Brook Hill athletes back on campus, as TAPPS schools begin workouts


BULLARD, Texas (KETK) – March 13 had been the last time high school athletes in the State of Texas had been together for any sort of activity prior to the COVID19 shutdown.

Monday morning, the private schools got back to work, including a number in East Texas, like the Brook Hill Guard in Bullard.

“It’s finally good to be around these kids. It’s been a long time,” said Brook Hill head football coach Scott Ryle.

“It’s great. Yeah it’s good to see all my buddies again,” said Guard senior receiver Carson Richards.

With the green light from TAPPS, and plenty of social distance between them, Brook Hill student-athletes got in some conditioning work

Ryle opting not to do any weights just yet, as the Guard looks to re-acclimate their bodies for at least two weeks.

“We’d like to think that the kids are moving around while we’re not around them. But we know that that’s probably not the case for some of them. So we know that we gotta take our time to get them back to where they need to be. We know that we gotta take care of those tendons, ligaments, and muscles,” said Ryle.

“Just sitting on the couch during Quarantine, not being able to go to a gym, not being able to do anything outside of the house. Coming out here and getting our body moving back and forth. It sets the tone for the whole rest of the year coming here June first, and knocking some rust off. We gotta get ready for the season to come,” said Richards.

Building some goals for the fall, competitive juices were flowing at Herrington Stadium.

“You can work out and if you just go through the motions you know, it could help sure. But it won’t get you to your fullest capacity. But you got your teammate right next to you, and you are saying, okay, I can complete this before you. I can do more reps than you. It’ll build both of you up and get you to your peak performance,” said Brook Hill junior running back and linebacker Nick LaRocca.

“You start seeing people, and you are like I need to work harder than them, so they can work harder than me. We need competitiveness to play in our district. So to get that fire started in everybody, that’s a good start to the season,” said Guard senior receiver TyJuan Cannon.

The consensus from all participants was that they felt very safe with the health guidelines that are in place.

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