YOU SHOULD KNOW: Second case of coronavirus confirmed in U.S. and 2 more possible in Texas


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The coronavirus outbreak out of China has now spread to the United States, which means the race for the cure is on.

Runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, and fever. These are all the symptoms we tend to associate with the common cold or flu.

As of today those indicators mean a deadly disease diagnosis for two Americans, one in Washington State, the other in Illinois. Two texas students are being tested and monitored as possible cases of the virus.

Although in severe cases, the disease can be deadly, there’s some good news.

“As long as you don’t have any link to having been in China a couple weeks before your illness onset, your risks of the coronavirus are essentially zero,” said Dr. Matthew C. Robinson, M.D., Infectious Diseases, St. David’s Medical Center.

They say the disease spread directly from a Hunan arket in Wuhan, China.

“It seem to be transmitted through droplets,” said Dr. Ben Neuman, a Texarkana Research and Biology professor. “So like a little blob of spit that flies through the air when you cough.”

Likely more cases will pop up, but the CDC has been preparing for weeks before the first case was even discovered.

“With this virus, it’s still small right now. And because it’s slow we’re only just now seeing the people who got infected last week before a lot of these control measures came in place,” said Dr. Neuman.

For example, right now, public health entry screenings have been set up at entry points in key airports across the country.

Visit the CDC’s website for more information.

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