Thailand cave where soccer team was rescued reopens to tourists


THAILAND (KETK/FOX) – It’s been over a year since the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach in Tham Luang cave. Now it has re-opened to the public where thousands of people stopped to visit, according to FOX News.

Nearly 15 months ago, the Wild Boards youth soccer team was trapped in the cave for 17 days as water slowly rose around them.

More than a million people have visited the cave over the past year, but no one has had access inside due to restoration efforts.

On Friday, 20 people were admitted at a time inside the cave’s mouth and the first chamber.

“We have allowed visitors to see the mouth of the cave,” said Kamolchai Kotcha, director of the local conservation office that oversees the cave told the Japan Times.

More than 90 divers were part of the rescue effort of the team that reached worldwide attention.

After multiple experts from various countries, they came to a solution of sedating the boys during rescue efforts, according to “The Cave,” a book by Australian Broadcast Corporation correspondent Liam Cochrane.

While all of the boys survived, Tha Navy diver Sama Gunan died after losing consciousness making his way out of the treacherous caverns as he was delivering air tanks, according to FOX News.

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