Winterizing cars, preparing cars for cold


Your car needs some attention as we come closer to colder months. One, check your battery.

“You’ll want to check your battery for any kind of temperature extremes,” David Brown, service advisor at Robertson’s Automotive, said. “It can leave you in a no start condition in high temperatures like today, or getting ready for winter time, you need a healthy battery so you don’t have a no start condition on the coldest mornings.”

Tires have always been hard to manage in the cold because they lose air…unless your car is new and found a way around it.

“Most tires are filled with compressed air like we breathe. The newer vehicles are coming up with nitrogen filled so the outside temperature doesn’t affect that tire pressure.”

Robertson’s Automotive says be smart when it comes to ice on the windshield. If you buy a scraper, make sure it’s meant for cars and it’s plastic.

“If you get up and you have a frosted windshield, it’s best to let the vehicle run. You don’t want to put boiling water on the windshield because you could crack or break the window from the change in temperatures.”

When facing the cold, Brown says be sure there’s freezing protection on your cooling system.

“If we take care of maintenance items like coolant system flushes, belts, and hoses, that can keep you from having mechanical problems. It’s always best to have the vehicle checked before there’s a problem and that can keep the cost of repair down.”

Brown recommends getting your car looked at every three to six months to make sure a minor problem doesn’t become a major one.

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