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Wichita Falls dog pulls owner to safety after chainsaw accident


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KEKT) – ‘Rambo’ is the exact definition of a man’s best friend. He is now the reason a Wichita Falls man is alive after a terrifying accident with a chain saw.

While Johnny McKnight was outside working, the chain saw got away from him and cut his left leg a quarter inch away from his bone.

“Them trees that I tore down back from over yonder, I was cutting them up…in some way or another the saw that I was using, I don’t know how it got me,” said McKnight.

McKnight began yelling for help and that is when one-year-old Rambo ran to the rescue.

McKnight said Rambo began nudging him, trying to get him to stand up. While he held on to Rambo, the dog grabbed on to his pants with his teeth. This helped McKnight began hopping to the front yard to find help.

He said when he realized how much blood he has lost, he thought it was all over.

Instead, Rambo helped pull McKnight to the front of the house, pushed him up the steps, and began barking.

This alerted his wife who was taking a shower and completely unaware of what her husband was going through outside.

“I heard a lot of commotion outside, the dogs were really barking, kinda like I never heard them bark before, it was really strange,” said Althea McKnight.

“I was blessed to have that dog,” said Mcknight. “I just feel, I had to cry in my soul because that dog did, he saved me, he saved me.

Shortly after Althea heard Rambo, she heard her husband’s cry for help and ran outside to call 9-1-1.

Both Johnny and Althea say they are grateful to have such a bright and courageous dog.

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