Why marijuana fields are being found in ETX


“The operation, the elicit part of it is big business. It’s big business for the cartel. We don’t want them in Texas and we sure don’t want them in Smith County,” Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said.

But they’re here, and Sheriff Smith says there’s a reason why.

“We’ve put so much pressure on parts of the Mexican border where they were bringing in, importing, into the United States, exporting from Mexico, illegal marijuana. They think it’s easier to domestically grow it in the United States rather than smuggle it into here.”

The one person arrested in Monday’s marijuana bust is being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

That means he’s going to be questioned, if found guilty, serve out his punishment, then deported back to Mexico.

“We’re after the people that bring in the cartels and all this and want to make millions and millions of dollars at our expense.”

The Sheriff’s Office, DPS, DEA, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Department of Criminal Justice, and K-9 teams were all brought in on Monday’s bust.

That’s how many resources it takes to take down these operations.

“People don’t realize marijuana is not an innocent plant and it’s not an innocent drug.”

After attending a drug conference in Colorado last week, Sheriff Smith says people need to be aware of the consequences of marijuana.

“They said it is absolutely a trainwreck in Colorado. They’re having marijuana overdoses now. The traffic fatality rate on people under the influence or impaired by smoking marijuana is up tremendously.”

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