White Oak Police say ‘lock your cars’ after recent gun burglaries

The White Oak Police Department advises people to keep their car’s locked at all times. 
Police have seen a string of car burglaries in the past week. They say usually it’s stolen sunglasses and money, but recently, it’s been hand guns. Just this week, police said there have been 4 guns taken from vehicles during burglaries.
Terry Roach, Police Chief at the White Oak Police Department said, “They’re just walking car to car. And if it’s unlocked they will get anything with value. These guns are taken, then you don’t have a thief, now you’ve got an armed thief.”
Roach says a majority of all vehicle burglaries would not have happened if people just locked their cars.
“Since January 1, we’ve had already 80 burglaries where they are just going to unlocked cars. And out of them, in the last year and half, we’ve had over 30 guns stolen from vehicles,” said Roach.
He says the same type of burglaries are happening in Longview, Gladewater and Kilgore. Roach advises people to bring their valuables inside and lock their cars.

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