WATCH: Couple brings paradise to Vermont with unique snack sales


GRAND ISLE, Vermont (KETK) – Creating paradise doesn’t have to happen near a tropical island.

For one Vermont couple, they brought the Caribbean life to them.

From sunflowers to bananas, the two invite travelers in to showcase their piece of paradise on the land.

“Everybody knows us as oh you’re the banana people,” Farkas said.

It’s the couple’s latest business venture.

“Were the furthest you could get from a banana tree so what are we doing on an island in Vermont selling bananas? And really it’s like, well, we’re going bananas,” Farkas said.

The two decided to go further into their new venture by promoting their love of the bright blue Caribbean in the green mountains.

“The dream is living on the beach and selling ice cream and smiles, right? So really in our free time up here we just decided that it would be a good move to take our free time and sell ice cream, smiles, bananas and really have that kind of hospitality for travelers that are coming up this way,” Farkas said.

Christie whips up chocolate every day to make their signature snack. They make sorbet and popsicles with or without nuts and the snack can include fruit.

“We love putting a smile on people’s faces. It’s wonderful. It makes people happy. It makes us happy,” Christie said.

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