Tyler Police warns of ongoing card skimmer fraud


Tyler Police continue to track down card skimmer fraud taking place throughout the Tyler area.

According to police, investigators looking into the identity theft and credit card fraud believe out-of-town thieves are behind these actions. The group is hiding electronic devices inside gas pumps and stealing credit card information. They will use that information to duplicate a credit card to get cash and merchandise.

Officers have seized numerous electronic skimmers from gas stations located on or near loop 323 from north to south, around Tyler.  The thieves are using a universal key to gain access inside of the gas pump to plant their skimming device.

We encourage you to follow these few tips to keep from becoming a fraud victim and assist police with identifying who is responsible for these acts of fraud.

1)     Always check your credit or debit card statement for any fraudulent charges.

2)     If you detect a fraudulent charge, contact your local law enforcement agency and notify your credit card company immediately.

3)     Pay with cash or go inside to pay with a credit card.  Use a gas pump closest to the view of a gas station employee.

4)     Look for a seal decal around the casing of the pump door to see if it has been tampered with or broken.

5)     Report any suspicious activity if you should observe a person with a gas pump door open that is not an employee.  If you see something suspicious, look for a license plate, record it and contact police.  Take a photo is possible.  

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