Young Dallas area boy makes friends with garbage crew

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Sometimes it is the most mundane of activities that provide the most entertainment – that could be said for Joey Wasserman, 4, of North Richland Hills.

Twice a week little Joey lights up – and dresses up – in anticipation of his favorite city service – trash collection.

“I think that ‘garbage man’ can be a thankless job, in a way, but they are so important to our community,” said mother Jennifer Wasserman.

Wasserman’s son Joey is such a big fan of his “garbage men,” and they are so appreciative of his attention that they provided him his own miniature version of their Republic Services uniform, complete with shirt, hat and gloves.

“He gets dressed and looks just like them on his daily route, Joey’s route, on Tuesdays and Fridays,” Jennifer Wasserman said.

According to the mother, her son’s appreciation for sanitation services started at the nearby home of his childcare provider, Terri Lunsford.

“I would take [all of the kids I watch outside] and some of them were scared, and some weren’t. And then there was Joseph,” Lunsford said with a smile. “Joseph took it to a whole new level.”

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