Warm, humid air brings flea and tick season back to East Texas

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Warm temperatures and high humidity mean flea and tick season is back in East Texas.

“Our busiest months are May, June and July,” Tony Santangelo with Innovative Pest Control in Tyler said. 

During the busy season, the pests can latch on to humans and pets as they reproduce. 

Fleas are known to grow in tall grass and grab on to anything that walks by.

“Treat your animals and keep your grass cut short,” Santangelo suggests to keep the pests away. 

Pets are one of the main ways they can get brought into the home

Veterinarians in East Texas recommend a few different ways to keep your pets tick and flea free. 

Chewable medication or a topicals are a few types Dr. Gallardo at Starnes Animal Clinic in Tyler suggests, she says without them, the pests can transmit diseases. 

“It can cause blood problems, clotting problems, up in the north we see a lot of Lyme disease, and that can cause problems with the kidney,” Dr. Gallardo at Starnes Animal Clinic said.

While ticks and fleas can be a problem year round, East Texans will experience a boom during the next few months, and regular home and pet treating can help prevent a serious problem. 

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