Viral photo shows sibling support as 4-year-old gets sick from cancer treatment

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A photo with a heartbreaking caption is capturing hearts around the world tonight. A Texas mom shared the image of her son, sick from his Leukemia treatments, being comforted by his sister.

She says she wanted to share the reality of families battling cancer together. Little Beckett still in diapers was sick to his stomach from leukemia treatment with Aubrey right by his side. That’s what you see in the now viral photo.

“They don’t really see behind closed doors, they don’t see the effects it has on a family.”

Kaitlin Burge, Beckett’s mom

By sharing this photo of the reality of pediatric cancer– Kaitlin Burge is letting people in and bringing awareness to some hard truths.

Beckett is a trooper. Diagnosed last April, his hair’s since grown back, though his treatment leaves him flushed.

But it takes a toll on the entire family. Beckett and Aubrey’s youngest sibling can’t stay in the house right now.

“The family’s been split up, Chandler been sent to my brother’s because of the risk of infection and it’s been hard.”

And another hard truth is all pediatric cancers combined receive less than 4% of cancer research federal funding.

“If people don’t see it, they don’t see the raw photos, you can’t raise awareness.”

That’s exactly what this family has done since sharing the photo on social media.

We’re happy to report Beckett is now in remission. He still has some harsh treatment ahead to keep the cancer from coming back. He’s expected to be done with treatment by the summer of 2021.

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