UPDATE: Dog dies from being shot 10 times in brutal video on social media

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An update to the horrific story we first brought to you Wednesday evening about the girl in a social media video shooting her dog 10 times. We have contacted further law enforcement agencies that have now confirmed the dog died from those injuries in this incident.

They tell us the dog was found on their property. Several agencies have been investigating this case for several days now. They tell us the shooting happened April 13th and they found out about it almost a week later through a social media tip. Our source tells us the family has not been home ever since and the next step in this case is to find them.

Local law enforcement understand that the surrounding communities are in an uproar over the brutal death of this dog and they will continue to work diligently to get answers.


A horrific viral video of an East Texas girl shooting her dog 10 times is being investigated by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, according to a source who spoke to KETK News.

A call to Sheriff James Campbell confirmed the report. Campbell also confirmed that while charges have not yet been filed, they are expected within the next week.

The graphic video shows the whimpering dog still alive but in tremendous pain. The girl posted the video to her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. 

Included with the video was later posts where the girl goes on a profane-laced rant where she says “Some of yall b****** to (sic) sensitive”. She also wrote, “I’m one cold-hearted b****and I don’t give a f***.”

The incident occurred in New Summerfield. 

According to the source, the video was initially reported to the New Summerfield police department, but no action was taken. Pressure then rose enough from local outrage that the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has decided to investigate.

The source said that the condition of the dog is unknown.

The girl in the video is reportedly a minor.  

Editor’s Note: KETK News has elected not to attach the video to the article due to the intensely graphic nature. 

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