SOMETHING GOOD: East Texas woman goes to store for groceries, goes home with baby birds

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FLINT, Texas (KETK) – Animal lovers are magnets for, well, animals.

And Alicia Lansford of Flint is no different.

Lansford – a wife, mom, and full-time working woman – has been involved in multiple animal rescues. Her Facebook page is filled with stories of her offering a loving hand to animals in need of saving.

Now, this real-life “Dr. Doolittle” (as one commenter dubbed her) can add one more beneficiary of her kindness – baby birds.

Wait, make that five more.

According to a video Lansford posted Friday on her Facebook, she had gone to a local Brookshire’s to get groceries when she saw what she described as “a girl holding a box.”

Unable to ignore the sight, Lansford said, she asked about the box.

And discovered it held five baby birds – very young baby birds, still without feathers – in a nest.

Apparently the nest had been originally built under the store’s awning and had either fallen or been removed. And the girl holding the box had no idea what to do next.

Fate intervened and sent Lansford.

“Things that need help gravitate toward me,” she mused in the video. “Or I just stick my nose where it doesn’t belong and ask too many questions.”

Not knowing what else to do, but certain she had to do something, Lansford took the box of birds home.

“One day,” she said in the video, “my husband’s gonna kick me out.”

(Other videos on her page show there’s probably little to absolutely none whatsoever chance of that. Trust us.)

Never having cared for birds before, Lansford asked for suggestions about what and how to feed the babies. (“Soak wet dog food in warm water, mash up till it’s mush and you stuff it down their throats as momma bird does with her beak,” one commenter advised.)

The wet dog food worked, the babies survived through the night, and the next day Lansford was able to take her new little friends to Nicholas Pet Haven, a local rescue organization with staff who have experience with birds.

It wasn’t a big deal, really – local woman saves baby birds. But small acts of kindness are as important as big ones, and, these days especially, we all need stories of good deeds performed by people with good hearts.

Like Alicia Lansford.

Oh, you should probably also know that when Lansford left Nicolas Pet Haven after delivering the birds, she took a stray kitten home with her.

Because apparently things that need help really do gravitate toward her.

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