SCHOOL SAVIORS: Canton Fire department escort staff and students to safety during tornadoes

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When the EF-2 tornado swept through Canton Wednesday, several schools were still in session. That included Pecan Ridge Daycare Schools. 

“We have more than 140 children enrolled,” said Director Leeann Chavez. 

Some parents had already picked up their kiddos, but several were still in the facility. 

“In this type of situation, the worst part is that you’re in charge and responsible for several children who are not your own,” said Chavez. 

While Chavez and her staff were worrying about the safety of their students, little did they know help was already on the way. 

“So as I’m sitting there watching what’s going on I realize the daycare is right across
the street and I’m looking at my watch and I realize they probably still have kids,” said Bryan McAteer. 

“I wasn’t shocked, because I love them and they’ve been good to me, but I was speechless 
that they would come and save us all,” said Chavez.

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