‘Pride of Lindale’ Band working to honor original 1949 members as it celebrates 70 years

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LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – One East Texas high school is celebrating a milestone and they need your help to do it properly.

The “Pride of Lindale” band is turning 70-years old. Their first band formed back in 1949 and they’ve been making waves ever since.

“We’ve got 45 straight years of Marching First Division, 43 of those are sweepstakes, we’ve won the State Honor Band in the past, which is for concert band, the State Championship for Concert Band and we’ve won the NAMMB State Marching Championship several times,” said Steven Moore, Band Director for the past 24 years.

A legacy left by those who worked so hard to make the high school military band a reality all those years ago.

“Back then, they had to buy their uniforms, they had to buy horns. Of course students have to buy horns today, but they also had to pay $4 a month to be in band back then,” said Moore.

We did the math and with inflation, $4 would be almost $43 today.

“Those parents were willing to make that kind of financial commitment to have a band in Lindale, and without that we wouldn’t have what we have today,” said Moore.

Hannah Boyer, for example, is one in a long line of Lindale band members in her family. Like her mother and uncle before her.

“Me being in band wasn’t exactly an option, it’s just you’re going to do it,” said Boyer. “And I’m really glad it was, it’s something I totally would have regretted not doing.”

She says besides teaching responsibility and consistency, the band is a big part of her personal life too.

“Companionship, probably the most, just having a section that you relate to in that way and you’re all passionate about the same thing,” said Boyer.

Trenton Butler, another member of the current band, says it brings a certain camaraderie.

“We’re like one big family of 300 kids and so it’s something that you look forward to, Friday night football games, concert band, concerts, it’s just something to look forward to, something to be proud of,” said Butler.

They will be commemorating 70-years at their spring concert on May 18th and they want to honor all that came before them. They plan to do so, by creating a plaque in honor of the 1949 band.

This picture has been hanging on the walls of the band hall for years.

And now they want to put a name to each face, asking on Facebook for people across East Texas and the world to identify the band members pictured.

“With anything along those lines, trying to honor our past and give honor to the people that, without their effort and their hard work, we wouldn’t have what we have today,” said Moore.

“Lindale band is renowned in all of Texas and so I think to figure out where that started from, and who started it and what kept it going is something that people should know about,” said Butler.

What they have today is a successful, dedicated, disciplined group, the “Pride of Lindale”.

They’ve already identified 23 members of the 1949 band, but they hope to name every person in the photo. If you think you can help with the last handful, email Steven Moore at mooresw@lisdeagles.net.

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