POLICE: Baby formula swapped with flour and returned to store

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PHEONIX, Arizona (KETK) – Police are investigating after reports have been made of baby formula being replaced with flour and returned to stores for a refund.

One Arizona mother realized the formula had been tampered with after she prepared a bottle and her daughter, Adeline, did not want to drink it.

“I looked at the milk and I realize something’s definitely weird, the color is different, the texture was different,” Madeline Roque said.

Roque says the formula usually has a delicate yellow tint to it, but this formula was white.

“Then when I poured the bottle in the sink, and I saw how it got. That’s when it just hit me. I saw how it clumped up, and in my head, I’m like my daughter’s stomach is just the same, or even worse,” she said.

She then realized it was flour.

As the night progressed, Adeline, started throwing up, passing gas, and having diarrhea. Roque took her to the doctor, and she is now alright, but the incident gave her quite a scare. 

Walmart, where Roque bought the formula, says store policy is to not put back any returned food products on shelves, regardless of the condition. A spokesperson for Walmart says they are now investigating the incident. 

Meanwhile, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office is looking into the incident.

When buying formula, make sure everything is properly sealed, not damaged or opened. Formula will always mix with water, so if it separates, that’s a sign it might contain something else.

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