ON THE RISE: Number of skin cancer cases increasing across the country

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Plastic surgeons are working overtime in some states, but it’s not for the sake of sheer vanity.

The CDC finds the number of skin cancer cases is climbing in the U.S. and that means more reconstructive surgery to fix scars left behind after doctors remove the cancer.

“There’s no downtime, no summer vacation it seems like. More people are getting screened for it and so we’re seeing a lot more skin cancer. Especially in younger patients as they are coming in and getting diagnosed in their 30s and 40s,” says plastic surgeon Dr. David Kelly.

The CDC is expecting more than 80,000 new cases this year. That’s up 50% from just two decades ago.

Cancer removal procedures are leaving survivors with very visible holes in places like their nose and lips.

And as patients get younger, the need for cosmetic cancer treatment grows.

“They’re still working, so they are worried about showing up to work in the next day or two, so they’re a lot more aware of their appearance as they’re going out.”

But doctor kelly says the social media generation we live in also plays a role.

“I’ve had multiple patients just talk about how they are always taking selfies, they are always looking at their camera. these younger patients are looking at themselves in the camera much more often.”

So turning this into this is becoming a much higher priority than in years past.

But it’s not all vein. in fact, an increase in patients might be a good sign.

“I think with screening those patients earlier on, so we’re catching the skin cancer earlier.”

Doctor Kelly says these numbers will continue to grow and grow as more and more people move to sunny places like Arizona and Nevada, which are two of the fastest growing states in the nation.

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