Oklahoma murder convict escapes from jail

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A convicted killer is still on the run after authorities said he escaped from an Oklahoma jail by posing as his cellmate.

A man with a lengthy history with the law, including a murder conviction, broke out of an Oklahoma jail.

Authorities say Patrick Walker was able to escape by assuming another person’s identity.

Patrick Walker, also known as “Notty Walker,” the inmate and fugitive on the run after he escaped from the Payne County jail on Thursday. 

He was already serving time in prison for first degree murder and was in court for a hearing. 

Walker’s troubled legal history didn’t start here. He already spent years behind bars. 

In 2001 Walker was charged for robbery with a firearm in Oklahoma County, but it was dismissed. 

Two years later in 2003, Walker was convicted in Oklahoma County for possession of cocaine with the intent to distrbute, shooting with the intent to kill, and first degree murder. 

In 2018, Patrick Walker has more trouble behind bars.

In November, he was charged with assault and battery on a corrections officer.

Not long before his escape from jail, his cell mate, Charles Pendarvis posted bond and was getting bailed out, but instead, authorities say Walker took advantage. Matt Elliott, Department of Corrections: “As far as how he was able to do that, we understood that one of his cell mates, he was able to get that inmates identification from him, and basically assumed his name.”

Pretending to be Pendarvis, Walker was able to walk free from jail. 

Matt Elliott, Department of Corrections: “We’ve got determined members of law enforcement from the U.S. Marshals all the way down to county deputies. State troopers all over the state are looking for this guy. We work with them all the time.”

Anyone with information about Walker’s whereabouts is asked to contact the police.

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