MUST WATCH: One-handed Longview football player is overcoming the odds

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There’s saying I can, then there’s saying, I will. 

And for 17 year old varsity Longview Lobo tight end Logan Peters he fits that quote just perfectly.

“He’s that kind of kid that inspires others. You can set him apart from the norm,” said Lobos Head Coach John King.

Peters has always had a desire to play one day for the green white and gold. 

“My dad played here, my grandpa played here even my uncles,” said Peters. 

Peters is missing his left hand. He was born that way and you may doubt his abilities, but to him the word doubt has never sat with him well. 

“That’s not a part of my vocabulary,” said Peters. 

He’s been an inspiration to his teammates. None other than his best friend and quarterback Haynes King. 

“He’s nothing short of a brother. We have that young brother hood kind of thing,” said King. 

With Peters’ tenacity and passion and his friendship with King, Saturday in Frisco was quite the scene. King rolled out and found Peters in the end-zone for a touchdown. 

It was Peters’ first touchdown as a Lobo, but it was something both said was just eventually going to happen. 

“We have made that throw more than a thousand times,” said Peters. 

“It was awesome. Seeing the people in the stands and the teammates cheering him on.” 

But Peters’ touchdown grab wasn’t limited to those who witnessed it in the stands, but caught the attention of a football player we have all heard of, Ezekiel Elliott. 

Elliott said, “Hey Logan I caught that play of your touchdown catch. That was dope man. Goodluck this season.” 

Whether you know Peters as number 44 on the Lobos or ‘hammer’

“He’s always been a good kid. He’s never allowed anything keep him from doing something,” said Coach King. 

Peters is a senior this year and the Lobos are in the playoffs. 

Which means Peters time as a ‘bos’ is coming to an end. 

The memories he’s made and the difference he’s had on those who have witnessed his story is definitely what matters the most. 

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