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Mandatory evacuations for Florence flooding

RALEIGH-DURHAM, North Carolina (WRAL) - Tropical depression Florence is blamed for at least 13 deaths now. 

Florence has parked itself over land and is relentlessly pouring on the rain, promising severe flooding for days. 

More than 700,000 people are without power in North and South Carolina. 

In New Bern, North Carolina the danger is far from over. 

An evacuee said "up until Floyd, we had never seen anything of this nature. Now, here it's getting worse."

Winds of up to 35 miles per hour are dumping rain over the same places in North and South Carolina.

Some roads are so dangerous that even with a humvee, the rescuers had to be rescued.

The floodwaters are chasing people out of their homes and turning streets into rivers, trapping people in their cars. 

A rescued woman described the scene,  "the water keeps coming up and up like some Titanic stuff. You can see the water coming up. So I'm just like boom-pushed the window out. And as I pushed the window out and tried to swim, the current just takes me down."

People living near the Carolinas' rising rivers were ordered to evacuate Sunday afternoon. 

"Mandatory evacuations start Sunday at 3pm."

Despite the warnings, some people are choosing to stay and ride it out. 

Jason has chosen not to evacuate, he explains, "we want to be here to protect our property of course because we're confident that nothing is gonna happen."

While Florence parks itself over land and pours on the rain rescuers like the United Cajun Navy are in full-time rescue mode. 

Mitch Colvin of Fayetteville warns,  "this is not a talking point. This is not a script, but we are saying this because we are concerned with you. The worst is yet to come." 

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