Liberty Utilities performing ‘smoke test’ on Flint neighborhood

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FLINT, Texas (KETK) – Residents in a Flint neighborhood might be in for a surprise, but it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

Liberty Utilities left notes on doors of houses stating they would be performing a “smoke test” in the area to check for leaks in the sewage pipes.

That left many wondering what a smoke test was and if they should be concerned.

“It’s good to get them checked, but I’m afraid some people may get a little scared with the smoke,” said Gary Walton, Flint resident.

Those who live in Flint and south Tyler neighborhoods should expect to see crews pumping non-toxic smoke into the pipes through man holes in the streets.

“It’s good that they are going to be testing the lines and everything. Just for safety reasons, whenever you have sewer gases and things like that and plumbing issues,” said Walton.

After the smoke is pumped into the pipes, crews will watch to see if it escapes through house vents or comes through storm drains, which means something could be blocking the system.

“I just have never heard of a smoke test so I’m glad they let us know ahead of time,” said Renee Kathan, another Flint resident.

With more people at home, plumbing problems have grown nationwide. The smoke test is just another way to discover problems lurking beneath the surface.

The tests will continue until Friday, May 29 and Liberty Utilities say homeowners don’t have to be present as it will only take a couple of hours to complete.

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