Kidnapped man steals ambulance to saved in Ohio

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DAYTON, Ohio (WLWT) A man wanted for stealing an ambulance in Ohio turns out to be the victim of a much bigger crime.

Using that ambulance, police say, to escape a house of horrors.

Police near Dayton, responding to a call from firefighters Saturday – that this ambulance disappeared from their station while they were on a call. Investigators, getting -another- call alerting them to the discovery of the ambulance at a dayton hospital,

And, the thief? They’d soon learn, this was no ordinary theft.

The 22-year-old man, telling police he’d been held captive in a home across from the fire station, in a dog cage, abused and tortured for days.

Finally able to escape, he ran to the fire station, taking the ambulance.

Police arrested Christopher Edwards, who lives in the home.

Edwards was arraigned Monday on kidnapping and felonious assault charges.

“We received a call from Dayton PD that the ambulance had been recovered at Dayton Children’s at the Dayton campus and they had a suspect that they were talking to,” said Sgt. Wallace Stacy of the Clearcreek Ohio Police Department.

Investigators say they have no motive, and say more arrests could be coming.

The victim is recovering at an ohio hospital, police say he isn’t coherent enough to talk with investigators.

It’s not known how, or if, the two men knew each other.

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