JUSTICE FOR JUDY: 29 years later, daughter of missing East Texas woman still looking for answers

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It’s 29 years ago in small town Texas, the city is Grand Saline, the population 2,651.

Judy Marie Foster was 37 years old.

“She was spunky, she was 5-foot-1, blonde-headed, big old beautiful blue eyes and had a heart of gold,” said Jamie Easley, her daughter.

Easley was just 12 years old on that fateful September night in 1990. Her mother had spent much of the night breaking the news of her impending divorce.

“We rode around town for a couple of hours, she wanted to talk to me, she felt bad about it, it got late, she took me home,” said Easley.

As they were entering the gray house on the corner of Florence and High St. around 2 a.m., Foster remembered she forgot to stop by the store. It was just four minutes away.

“She forgot a pack of cigarettes, so she went, she said I’ll be right up to the store and I’ll get a pack of cigarettes and I’ll be right back,” said Easley.

And it was that drive to a local EZ Mart that would change Jamie Easley’s life forever.

“She just never came back,” Easley said somberly.

But her car was found in the Grand Plaza Shopping Center off Highway 80 about a week later, less than five minutes from their home.

“I know there’s rumors, there’s things that are harsh, heartbreaking, disturbing,” explained Easley.

All these years later she is still waiting for the moment when she can finally exhale.

“We don’t know where she’s at, there’s no body, it’s just, you know this past week was 29 years and it takes a toll on you,” said Easley. “I just want to know whats, I want to know something, I need closure.”

For almost three decades, she’s been hard at work herself. Over the years, sending in requests to Unsolved Mysteries and even Rosie O’Donnell. She’s been asking the hard questions to law enforcement and even working with private investigators to find answers.

All the while, holding tight to the memories, like the Mr. T doll Foster made for Easley after realizing her love for the A-team. Other small items like her mother’s favorite hat have stuck with her over the years as well. But more than the material things, memories flood into her mind when she thinks about the woman she remembers so fondly.

“She’d turn on the radio and it would be The Supremes, or Diana Ross, or The Temptations, Johnny Cash, George Strait, she loved music and we would just dance all around the living room and those are memories that I’ll never forget,” said Easley. “Even on days when I got in trouble and I got sent to my room, you could count that by the end of the day, we were still in the living room, ended up in there dancing.”

Easley says she refuses to give up on finding her best friend and she’s raising money by selling t-shirts and she has a gofundme as well as a Facebook fundraiser.

The family hopes to come up with 2,000 to offer a reward for information and another 3,000 for her family to hold a memorial on the 30th anniversary of her mother’s disappearance.

“My family deserves to have a place to go to to mourn her, everybody always says, well she’s with you wherever you go, that’s true, but most people when they lose a loved one, they have a cemetery to go to, I don’t have that, I’ve never had that,” said Easley.

Now she is desperately turning to the public to keep her mom’s name alive.

“If I can do an outcry for anyone that can help me, my family, that’s what I’m asking, just help me set her at rest,” said Easley.

If you want to help Easley seek #JusticeForJudyMarie, purchase a shirt HERE, visit the gofundme, or the Facebook fundraiser.

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