GET READY FOR TAKE OFF: LeTourneau University announces new flight simulations

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – New technology is letting students at LeTourneau University fly high without leaving the ground.

The school just received two flight simulators that will help train future pilots.

Soon to be pilots were able to see and feel what it’s like to fly first hand.

“The beauty of simulators is that we can do things in the sim that we just cannot do safely in the aircraft,” said Phil Roberts, a dispatch manager.

Those in the program are able to respond to turbulence, different weather conditions, and staying balanced in a plane.

“Everything is a lot more busier. You have air traffic control, the airplane is making a lot of noise and it’s not really a good environment in the airplane itself for learning, and so you can do the learning right here,” said Aaron King, a flight instructor.

The machine features the same controls in a standard commercial aircraft, and allows a 140 degree view from their seat.

“The simulators allow the students to develop muscle memory and thought processes ahead of time. So, your not only spending less time in a much more expensive resource than the airplanes,” said Roberts.

Instructors sit next to the students, checking off a list, making sure they are ready for take off.

Although the University uses simulations, officials say new systems are important to keep up with changing technology.

“Technology changes in aviation just like it does in computers and phones. Staying in the technological forefront is important,” explained Roberts.

Based on the course, students tend to spend 50 to 100 hours using the simulation.

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