Flu season showing its face once more in East Texas

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LUFKIN, Texas (KETK)–Flu season is now among us.

Here in East Texas there’s been a history of having one of the worst seasons in the past.

This year health officials are asking people to take preventative measures, so history isn’t repeated.

With 2020 on the horizon some parts of this year may still linger past new years day

From December until early march is flu season, but so far in Deep East Texas things are quiet.

“The flu season has been pretty mild here compared to last year it’s been pretty tame,” said Matt Baker, a pharmacist at Brookshire Brothers. “Not a lot of cases have come through but we’re still pretty early in the season. Normally flu season will peak anywhere from December to February so we’re still on the early side of things.”

Outside East Texas, however, people aren’t so lucky.

According to federal health officials in the United States there have been at least 2.6 million flu illnesses, 23,000 hospitalizations and 1,300 deaths so far.

Health officials can only speculate on how bad this flu season may be.

“I think it’s just luck of the draw, or unluck of the draw,” said Baker.

“With any flu season sometimes it’s hard to predict,” said Sarah Adams, Public Health and Infectious Disease Director in Angelina County. “I can tell you that Australia did come off of their worst flu season ever which is sometimes indicative of what will be headed our way.”

Preventative measures are vital to ensure the flu does not spread

While experts say getting out, eating right and just taking care of yourself can help fight the flu.

The best defense is still the old flu shot, which may be the reason behind the low flu numbers in Angelina County.

“We’ve been pretty lucky and that’s because our community is a vaccinated community, we have lots of people that are coming in to get their flu shots,” said Adams.

In addition to the flu shot other common sense measures can be taken to ensure you stay healthy or you don’t spread the flu.

“Cover your cough, wash your hands, if you’re sick stay at home,” said Adams.

Flu shots are recommended for everyone ages six months and up, so don’t be afraid of the needle, get a flu shot and avoid being sick this season.

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