First taste of summer heat this weekend

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The hottest feeling temps of 2019 are on their way this weekend! This Spring we’ve seen relatively average temperatures for the most part. We really haven’t had any heatwaves to speak of. Last year around this time we were already in the upper 90s! 

In terms of heat waves, this won’t be breaking any records or anything. But compared to what we’ve experienced so far it’s going to pack a punch if you’re not ready for it. 

Heat index doesn’t refer to the literal temperature outside. To calculate the heat index you have to consider the temperature and the amount of moisture in the air. The more moisture that’s in the air the harder it is for sweat to evaporate off your body and the hotter it feels to you. 


Dew point is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. It’s the temperature which water vapor condenses into liquid water. This weekend we’ll see dew points in the mid to low 70s, coupled with high temps in the low 90s will make it feel like nearly 100° over the weekend for most East Texans.  

Fortunately, it won’t last long because by the beginning of next week we’ll have a sweeping cold front bringing down with it dryer & slightly cooler air. 

Stay cool and don’t forget to drink lots of water this weekend! AC is your best friend on weekends like this. 

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