East Texas researcher seeks to find cure for coronavirus

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TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL) – A researcher in Texarkana is searching for a cure after a new form of the coronavirus outbreak in China makes its way to the United States.

Dr. Ben Neuman, a member of the coronavirus naming committee, said this virus does not have an official name yet, but people are referring to it as the “Wuhan coronavirus.”

Viruses like this one start with people who work in the animal market, and spread by not taking precautions with cleanliness.

“Now as far as spread in America I think the only people who are at risk right now are going to be the doctors and nurses watching that one person up in Washington State,” said Dr. Neuman.

According to Dr. Neuman, it is considered a “slow virus,” meaning it can take up to a week before people show symptoms. So far, lab results confirmed 500 people have been affected and a total of 16 people have died.

“With this virus, it’s still small right now. And because it’s slow we’re only just now seeing the people who got infected last week before a lot of these control measures came in place.”


Dr. Neuman says the best way to stop the spread of this virus is by washing your hands. Germs can easily spread within minutes.

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

“Seem to be transmitted through droplets. So like a little blob of spit that flys through the air when you cough. If you’re not in the range when somebody coughs you’re probably going to be okay.”

There are two cities in China on lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading even more.

Researchers say this virus is no worse than the flu.

The coronavirus committee expects to have an official name this evening and shall be released next week.

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