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East Texas high school baseball players accused of getting 2 girls drunk, raping 1

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KETK) - Arrest warrants obtained by KETK News detail how star Nacogdoches High School baseball players Jacek Karczewski and Triston Smith allegedly raped a then 15-year-old girl and assaulted another.

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Karczewski is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and a single count of sexual assault. Smith is charged with one count of sexual assault.

Both have posted bond and been released from jail, according to the Nacogdoches County Sheriff. 

The warrant stated the alleged attacks took place at Smith's home on Wednesday, February 20 and the victims reported the incident to police on Monday, March 4.

The warrant gave the victims fake names to protect their identities: "Serena" and "Kaitlyn James."

The document said that Serena and Kaitlyn James were at Smith's house near midnight when Karczewski put out shot glasses and gave them vodka "to induce intoxication."

Karczewski and Smith then allegedly put Serena on Smith's father's bed. She was then raped by Karczewski and sexually assaulted by Smith "against her wishes and will."

Afterward, Karczewski allegedly kicked her repeatedly. Serena then said in the document that Karczewski brandished a long-barreled firearm and began to kick her again.

Kaitlyn, 16 at the time, said that after Serena was assaulted, she was also kicked repeatedly by Karczewski. 

The warrant says there was a fifth person present named Karlus Flanagan, 18. According to the document, Flanagan was present at the time of the assaults and did not appear to intervene.

Flanagan told police afterward that the rifle Karczewski brandished was "a functional firearm and not a replica, toy, or air rifle."

Both had committed in 2018 to playing Division I baseball. Karczewski had signed for the University of Texas while Smith had committed to the University of Houston.  

Karczewski and Smith have been kicked off the Nacogdoches team and are barred from all UIL activities

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