East Texans in Florida take on another side of Mother Nature

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We’ve been looking into how East Texans might be impacted by Hurricane Dorian. We’re not typically used to feeling the brunt of a hurricane so for East Texans in Florida right now, it’s causing a bit of panic.

It’s one of the most dangerous and costly natural disasters that the country can experience. Hurricanes come bearing down with high winds and pounding rains, especially when you’re looking at a possible category four.

So far the weather hasn’t been too bad out here but you can definitely tell with the clouds and the rain that’s been approaching, that it’s about to get pretty bad out here.

Peyton Brocato, moved to Florida

It was just one week ago that she moved to Florida from Tyler. Never having been in a hurricane, she’ll now experience a new force of mother nature.

“That’s what’s so scary, we’re gonna have to do this on our own,” Brocato said.

Another East Texan is in Orlando right now on a work conference.

When we left to come here I thought it was just gonna be a tropical depression or category one but a category four will hit hard

Scott Lamb, East Texan in Florida

Traveling is difficult in the days before a hurricane because you’ve got an influx of people looking to leave.

“You know you’re gonna have people coming up here from Miami and from the coast, so you know there’s gonna be a lot of transportation issues,” Lamb said.

Scott’s work conference is Friday through Sunday but he’s now cutting his trip short because of the potential of Hurricane Dorian.

“We were supposed to come back Sunday at about 1:45 and I ended up changing my flight to Saturday at 1:45.”

Now a lot of people are just trying to get out ahead of schedule and hopefully ahead of the crowds.

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