CROSSING PALUXY: City says guard present, parents dispute claims

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – After a video went viral showing a 12-year-old student crossing alone on Paluxy with no cars stopping, KETK spoke with all parties to get the full story on who is responsible.

The Tyler ISD School Board said it is the city that employees crossing guards, and The City of Tyler has now given us information after conducting an internal investigation.

In the viral video, there’s no crossing guard present as kids dodge moving cars as they try to cross the street. The city tells us a guard was present, but parents, students, and footage tell a different story.

“To clarify there is a crossing guard there. Maybe her visibility wasn’t ideal for that spot.”

Jenny Wells, City of Tyler Public Safety PIO

Parents are raising concerns over the two recorded videos showing children crossing Paluxy without a guard helping to stop cars.

In the recordings, the timestamps are 4:15 pm and 4:35 pm. The City of Tyler says the crossing guard’s shift is from 3:15 to 4:45.

The city said they believe the crossing guard was there, but the children didn’t see her before rushing across the street.

“Everybody gets antsy wanting to cross the street, kids are no different,” Wells said. “We’re ready to get going and move on especially if we don’t want to wait. That’s likely what happened and that’s the corrective actions we’re taking. What we’ve done to remedy that is you’ll see this crossing guard with their own chair, like a folding chair, to increase visibility.”

Jenny Wells, City of Tyler Public Safety PIO

In the meant time, the issue of cars passing by while the 12-year-old boy is in the middle of the road is a huge safety concern whether there’s a guard or not.

The Tyler Police say is illegal for cars to drive past a pedestrian trying to cross. TxDOT tells us more than 5,600 crashes and more than 600 deaths happened in Texas alone last year in pedestrian accidents.

“Something has to happen. Something has to happen, that’s it.”

Jordan Fasulo, mother

Tyler police will be monitoring these areas and giving citations to those breaking the law and putting children at risk.

Parents hope this brings awareness and a solution, not just a temporary fix.

The mom tells us her child will now be a car-rider to avoid this crosswalk, uncomfortable with how the situation has been handled.

KETK will continue to monitor this area and make sure the entire story is told to make sure safety is the top priority especially when it concerns children.


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