‘WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!’: Lufkin police officer sees his car hit while working a crash

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LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) – There’s irony, and then there’s irony.

Lufkin Police Officer Cody Deal was on the scene of a two-vehicle crash Thursday afternoon on U.S. 59 South at the intersection of Southwood Drive.

While waiting for a wrecker to arrive, he and one of the drivers involved in the crash were discussing how often secondary crashes occur at such crash scenes.

“All the time,” Officer Deal said.

He mentioned Officer Seth Thompson, who was working a minor accident last May when another driver went off the road and slammed into him.

Officer Thompson spent several months recovering.

“That’s probably the last one here,” Officer Deal said. “But, dude, you watch YouTube or something like that and it’s all the time.”

“Rubberneckers,” the other driver suggested as a cause of the secondary crashes.

“Yep, rubberneckers,” Officer Deal agreed. “And then people just get like moths to a flame, just go straight at them lights and don’t realize it until they hit.”

Not two minutes later, Officer Deal’s words are borne out.

In the video, you can hear him yelling, “Hey, watch out, watch out, watch out!” as a southbound Dodge pickup slams into the back of his Tahoe.

“Are you serious right now?” Officer Deal demands incredulously. “Are you serious?”

The driver of the truck said he was distracted by a vehicle being cleared from the northbound side of U.S. 59 and did not see that the southbound side was partially blocked.

No one was injured, but Officer Deal’s vehicle was knocked 50 feet into a wrecker that had just arrived on scene. And it was a jarring reminder of just how dangerous such accidents can be.

Two weeks ago, a Lubbock firefighter and police officer were hit and killed while working a multi-vehicle crash.

Lufkin PD said it was releasing the video “to bring awareness and remind everyone to move over for first responders.”

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