Canton storm tosses car with 6-month-old baby inside

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Canton suffered considerable damage in the two tornadoes that struck the town Wednesday.

Among the property damaged was a car in which Benito Rosas and his family were riding when the emergency sirens sounded.

The family immediately began searching for a safe place to park to ride out the storm.

Then, near-disaster struck as the tornado’s winds blew the car across the street with the family inside. More terrifying still, power lines crashed through one of the vehicle’s windows.

Santiago Rosas, only 6 months old, was in the back seat with his family when the power lines made their devastating entrance.

“When i was driving here, I was trying to find a place, you know, maybe a gas station or Brookshire’s or Walmart or anywhere,” Rosas said of the family’s frantic search for safety. “Everything happened quick. I was just praying to God.”

His prayers were answered. The family got out of the car immediately and made their way to safety. All of them, including little Santiago.

Paramedics came out and checked on the baby, who is doing just fine and is now with his family.

“We’re okay,” said Benito. “That’s the most important thing.”

Benito says he has been through major storms before, but he has never seen anything like this before in his life.

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