Boy chased down street by angry turkey

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A Wisconsin woman is speaking out about her recent moment of heroism. Specifically, how she saved a boy being chased by an angry turkey.

At about 3 o’ clock Tuesday afternoon, Vanessa Miramontes and her boyfriend decided to take her son to see Santa at Cabelas.

Vanessa Miramontes: “Up here we got stuck behind all the busses and everything.”

While stuck in school traffic, something caught Vanessa’s eye up ahead.

Vanessa Miramontes: “Just over this hill, because at the fire hydrant is where I finally could see something happening over the hill and that is when I was just kind of waiting til we got up closer.”

That’s when she saw the young boy’s face. Vanessa Miramontes: “You just saw this kid’s eyes completely bugged out.”

And she realized what was happening. Vanessa Miramontes: “It felt like forever, like one of those Baywatch where the kid is running in slow motion down the beach, you could just sense the poor kid’s fear in the vehicle. In that moment there is no thinking otherwise.”

This mom took action. Vanessa Miramontes: “The red truck is where I swooped in to try to help.”

Because the young boy was running in the bike lane. Vanessa Miramontes: “My first concern is I don’t want to see the child run out in the road, trying to get away from this and get hit by a car. I like instinctively turned in front of it, and he was like, no don’t, you are going to hit. It didn’t get hit at all but I was like what if that was our child?”

Vanessa didn’t hit the turkey, the turkey definitely fluffed its feathers and stared her down. “Which felt like a year that it just made eye contact with me before it caught wind of the kid again and took off up the road.”

Although she managed to slow it down Vanessa said the turkey took off after the child again.”Looking out the rear view mirror. He didn’t stop at all.” And neither did the turkey. “Cause it probably took 5 seconds and it caught back up with the kid. Full speed running at the poor child.”

Another vehicle stopped and took the kid home, which Vanessa says was a relief, “Don’t get in vehicles with strangers, but I think the circumstances are different when you are being chased by a turkey.”

Even with this surprise stop, Vanessa still made it to Cabelas in time for her son Harrison to get a picture with Santa.

Vanessa Miramontes: “This is something honestly, I will never forget, it was … hahahahaha.”

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