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Big trucks still best sellers in U.S. market

The best-selling vehicle in the U.S. is the Ford F-Series.

Texas gas prices have risen from around $1.50 a gallon in September 2000 to an average of $2.67 a gallon so it's surprising that nearly every year for the past 40 years, big trucks are on top, according to the car information site

Japanese automakers are now fielding beefy full-size pickup trucks but American made remains on top. The Toyata Tundra in 2017 sold just over 115,000 in the US, while Ford sold almost 900,000 F-150s, according to Business Insider.

Your grandpa's deer corn hauling work truck has given way to posh crew cabs with luxurious style and extras to pamper those who can afford the $55,000 price tag.

Drivers today expect trailer backup assist systems, leather upholstery and smartphone hook-ups.

Even Tesla is trying to break into the most brutally competitive markets in the entire auto industry, according to Business Insider. Electric motors serve up massive torque, which translates into towing power, and CEO Elon Musk suggests that the Tesla truck will travel beyond the 300-plus miles currently delivered by their top-of-the-line batteries in its existing cars.

In Auto Week Zo Rahim, research manager for Cox Automotive said: “For the first time in U.S. automotive history, monthly car share is on pace to dip below 30 percent. This is a dramatic shift -- car share was near 50 percent just 5 years ago. Consumers have decidedly killed the car. Our initial idea of the floor being somewhere in the low-30-percent neighborhood appears to be too high in a market that loves its trucks and SUVs.”



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