BACK TO SCHOOL: How to get children into a routine for a good night sleep

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Your kids are either back in class already or getting ready, and all of them need good sleep to focus on school.

So here’s some tips to get your kids in bed, on time.

The owner of a year-round day care says she doesn’t see a change in children’s sleep patterns. But at the end of summer, she knows her kids need to get back on track.

“When school rolls around, its harder to get them to go to bed at a decent hour and be able to wake up at an early hour,” says Kim Ison, a mother and day care owner.

Ison has her proven trick to help her kids catch some z’s.

“Usually a week or two weeks before school starts, I start making them go to bed earlier, waking up earlier,” says Ison.

That’s one of the tips the national sleep foundation offers.

Some other tips are:

  • keeping the same bedtime during weekends
  • finding a way to help your child relax before bedtime
  • creating a “cool, quiet and dimly lit” sleep environment
  • no caffeine after lunch
  • eating well and exercising regularly help promote sleep.
  • limit electronics before bed.

Another thing Ison suggests: “Cut back on the Fortnite.”

Because if you don’t, “They’re sluggish. They’re irritable. They’re cranky, um and they just don’t perform as well.”

Experts say electronics should not be used an hour before bed time

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