ARSON IN EAST TEXAS: Winnsboro homeowners grown increasingly uneasy over trail of charred cars

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WINNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – “Someone was on our property and someone, while we were sleeping in the house, was able to almost burn our house down around us,” said Tami Crow, a Winnsboro resident.

She and her family woke up to fire lighting up the night sky right outside their home. Her car was engulfed in flames, and the gas source was her own home.

“They sliced a cushion, took that stuffing and put it underneath that butane bottle, had the gas running in the wall, and tried to build a fire,” said Crow.

Her home is charred on the side, a room where one of her family members was sleeping when the fire was ignited by an unknown person.

“They’re not just setting cars on fire, I mean, this is our home, we were asleep in the house,” said Crow. “Three of us were asleep in the house, our lives could have been taken very easily.”

The black BMW, Tami tells says she was proud of, that she worked hard to own, now sits on a trailer in shambles, completely unusable.

“It was everything to me, I worked like a dog for that car, said Crow. “I’ll tell you right now, I worked in the oil fields out there in new mexico and made the money for somebody who probably don’t work at all to burn us out like this.”

We’ve been told a man in the area has taken a trip to the ER in a separate incident for first degree burns, but the attacks aren’t isolated to cars. A home up the road in Upshur County was even set on fire.

We checked with Wood County about Crow’s case. They weren’t able to share much with us, but they say they are working the case.

“It’s just still under investigation right now,” said Wood County Fire Marshal Tully Davidson.

In the meantime, Crow is still feeling uneasy.

“I’m freaked out, okay,” said Crow. “We’ve done got rid of the butane, everything, I can’t do it, we’re cooking out on a hot plate because I’m so scared.”

Crow and everybody else affected by these fires are now asking for the public’s help. If you have any information, contact the Wood County Crime Stoppers.

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