ALL YES: Special squad of cheerleaders shattering limitations

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Words matter.

And few know the weight of words like these particular cheerleaders.

“There’s a lot of places where people like my daughter are told no. You don’t belong here – we can’t work with you – you don’t fit here,” Coach Crystal Wells said.

No. Two tiny letters with soul crushing power.

“There’s a lot of that her whole life,” said Wells. “This place is not one of those places.”

This place is a house of “yes.”

What a word for this troupe of Special Olympics cheerleaders.

“When Catherine was born, there was a list of things she would not be able to do,” Beth Lopez said of her 26-year-old daughter, one of the members of Liberty Cheer from Midlothian.

A list of limitations that changed with encouragement.

In a word, Liberty Cheerleaders are changing the definition of “special needs.”

Let’s try on a few more words – fortitude, strength, courage.

“Catherine is the epitome of persistence. She is not going to give up.”

Support, inspiration, reassurance. Inclusion, family, devotion.

And the greatest of them all — love.

“It’s hard for me to not cry, because I’m so excited to see all the things my child has learned,” Lopez said.

This is a place to find your own voice. No more “no.” All yes.

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