AG OFFICIALS: East Texas’ feral hog problem is about to get a whole lot worse

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BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KTAL) – Agriculture and animal control agents are seeing an increase in residential complaints about feral hogs in north East Texas.

They are extremely destructive in their quest for food and can even be dangerous. And, experts say, the problem is about to get worse.

Bowie County resident Sharon Suggit said she used to take pride in her yard. Lately, that’s been difficult.

“We’ve been here 42 years and it’s never been like this before.”

Sharon Suggit, Bowie County resident

Feral hogs started invading her yard about a month ago. Now, it’s destroyed. Her grandson has helped her investigate the problem.

“We’ve killed one, but it’s not enough to make a difference,” said Dennis Suggit. “There’s probably about, I’d say between 10 to 20 hogs, sows, piglets, boars, the whole nine yards.” 

Officials in Texas and Arkansas have seen an uptick in feral hog activity.

“From November, end of November through April … is usually when we consider our highest trapping season because they’re actually really foraging and really looking for forage,” said Miller County Agriculture Extension Agent Jennifer Caraway. 

The damage that feral hogs cause gets worse every year and because of this area’s climate, Caraway says they can even reproduce more. “Having no natural predators, they just take over and multiply really, before we can stop them. So, we try to manage them.”

Residents are urged to keep any food or garbage picked up, so they don’t make their yards even more attractive for feral hogs. 

As for the Suggitt family, a friend has loaned them a trap. But, the damage in their yard is done. “It’s unfortunate, it’s natural on their part but it’s in our yard,” said Dennis Suggit.

If you live in Bowie County, Texas, you can call (903) 628-6702. An agent can provide a list of people that may be able to help residents trap feral hogs. 

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